I am proud to carry STARRETT WW COLLETS. Many of you are already familiar with the quality found in STARRETTT WW COLLETS. The Starrett family has been producing collets in their machine shop since 1919. These collets can be used in SHERLINE's lathes and many other micro lathes and watchmaker's lathes.  Starrett Products went out of business a few years ago and their collets are in dwindling supply.  I have a limited number of collets remaining.

I have five STARRET WW COLLETS left,  #28, #56, #58, and two blank collets. 
These collets are $11.50 each plus shipping/handling, and sales tax for MN residents.

STARRETT WW COLLETS may be available from other dealers.  You will have to check the Internet for their availability.

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