As a SHERLINE PRODUCTS Dealer for more than 25 years, I carry the full line of SHERLINE machines, accessories, replacement parts and miscellaneous/cutting tools. SHERLINE has been manufacturing quality machine tools and accessories in Southern California since 1974. Their equipment is used the world over and I have customers in most states along with Europe and Australia.  Most orders are drop-shipped from the factory in California by UPS or FedEx.

Because of complaints to Sherline from other Sherline Dealers, I am being forced to stop offering my 15% online discount and to adhere to Sherline's policy of only advertising a 5% discount.  Some dealers have chosen to offer free shipping in lieu of a greater discount.  I've found that offering a greater discount saves the customer more money than offering free shipping.

If the total cost of your order is over $650, call me and we can discuss free shipping or a greater discount.  You can decide which offers the greatest saving to you.

These are perfect tools for the hobbyist, modelmaker, jeweler, watchmaker, clockmaker, gunsmith, prototyper, inventor, woodworker, design engineer or any craftsman needing small, accurate arts in metal, wood, or plastic.
I offer a price reduction on SHERLINE PRODUCTS from 5-10% off retail. There is a 5% reduction on all Machines, Accessories, Replacement Parts. Miscellaneous/Cutting Tools are 10% off retail. Most orders are drop-shipped from the factory in Southern California. UPS or FedEx shipping is added to each order, along with sales tax for CA and MN residents.

*** SPECIAL OFFER *** I am having a special Inventory Reduction Sale on items that I have on hand. Quantities are limited to stock on hand and most are only one each. These items include several accessories. Prices are 10% off the current retail price. Contact me for the list.

For more information refer to the "Contact Page" or e-mail:

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